Lankava Lilli Mix Tube Yarn

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01 Granite

01 Granite

  • 01 Granite
  • 02 Bedrock
  • 03 Pitch Road
  • 04 Sea Shore
  • 05 Rainless Day
  • 06 Cotton Candy
  • 07 Sand Ridge
  • 08 Da-Capo
  • 09 Lagoon
  • 10 Red Ochre
  • 11 Raspberry Sorbet

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Lankava Lilli is a round tube yarn made from recycled cotton. It is excellent for crocheting and it is very popular for crocheting rugs and baskets. Lilli is about 7 mm wide when squeezed flat. Lilli is a rounder tube yarn than Lankava Eko and thicker than Lankava Mini. Just like the other Lankava tube yarns made from recycled cotton, Lilli is made from a knitted tube. The yarn for making the knitted tube comes from recycled cotton which is first sorted by colors and then mixed again to create all the shades available in Lilli. This way there is no need to dye the yarn during the manufacturing process. Additionally, because Lilli is a knitted tube yarn, it is much more even in thickness than for example T-shirt yarns that are cut from cotton tricot fabrics.

  • Skein size: approx. 1000 g / 220 m
  • Fibre content: 80% recycled cotton, 20% polyester
  • Recommended needles: 15-25 mm
  • Recommended hook: 7-9 mm
  • Gauge/10 × 10 cm: (Not supplied by the manufacturer)

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