DMC Punch Needle (thin) with 3 needles

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DMC Punch Needle (thin) with 3 needles

DMC Punch Needle (thin) with 3 needles

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The punch needle is hollow on the inside and the thread is threaded through the tuft needle with the needle included in the package. Embroider a free pattern or color the surfaces with different colors of yarn. Only the imagination is limited! Tufting is suitable as a patterning technique for products that do not undergo major mechanical modifications, such as wall textiles, pillowcases, storage bags, etc. Together with the punch needle, you need different amounts of yarn, a base fabric and a frame on which the base fabric is stretched.

Punch needle, or "needle punching" - as it is also called, you make soft, tear superficial fabrics with. The package contains a punch needle for thinner yarn and 3 needles.

  • Needle size: 1,3 mm, 1,6 mm, 2,2 mm

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